The Little Book That Could

Safe in a Storm:Final cover

Happy Birthday to my new book – Safe in a Storm! It publishes today April 26, 2016.

Many thanks to Cartwheel Books and Scholastic Publishing! They did a wonderful job with the book. I’m over the moon with the book’s art! Jennifer A. Bell created beautiful, classic illustrations.

I call Safe in a Storm “the little book that could.” I never gave up on this story. And I felt like it never gave up on me, always tugging at my sleeve, as if nudging me to find it a home.

I wrote the rhyming couplets in late 2001, finishing the story in early 2002. For more than a decade, I’d submit the manuscript to editors, rejections would pile up, and I’d file the story away. Eventually, I’d dust it off and send it out again. Submission. Rejection. Submission. Rejection. On and on, for over 13 years, until an editor at Scholastic saw promise in this story of how animals find cozy places to keep their young safe and warm.

So…happy birthday Safe in a Storm! The story is dedicated “to teachers and school staff everywhere, who provide a safe harbor for children every day…in memory of the 20 Sandy Hook Elementary schoolchildren.”

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