Tales of a “tag along.”


  “Trailing spouse” is the term given to the spouses of teachers who come from America, Australia, Canada and Europe to teach in many of the International Schools here in Asia and around the world. Since Steve is not actually a teacher and I am a temporary trailer,  it seemed like “tag along” was more applicable; although neither term seems to have a very positive ring to it.  I am very involved in all aspects of putting together Steve’s school visits and everywhere we went I was made to feel as if I was an integral part of the package.   These daring, adventuresome people who choose to teach (sometimes for their whole lives) in exotic and occasionally politically unstable countries are a unique and wonderful breed. Some of them start right out of college and some at the time of their lives when most people are thinking about retiring to a life of leisure. The spouse is sometimes the one taking the biggest leap,not having any kind of job or routine to depend on to make the adjustment a little easier.  Since our experience is short term (only one month) and we are visiting four different destinations in Southeast Asia we have been able to have a wonderful enriching experience without any of the worries of long term commitments. Steve and I thought it would add a different perspective if I occasionally added some dialogue from the passenger’s seat. Cheers!  Heather Swinburne


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