And now for something completely different…

And now for something completely different…


I spent two days with 45 students at the International School Riau at Rumbai, Sumatra, and it was an author visit on an intimate scale. I visit schools across the U.S. and generally I’m speaking with 200 3rd graders in a gym the size of Rhode Island. The small but dynamic school in Rumbai afforded lots of great eye contact, sharing of work and time for good back and forth for question and answers. While the school is situated on a Chevron oil campus, and is surrounded by tidy houses with lush gardens, you don’t  forget the Sumatran jungle is alive and howling all around. While we missed seeing the hornbills and wild elephants and python snakes as thick as Rafa Nadal’s biceps, we woke to gibbon monkeys and let the rain from Sumatra run down our backs. 

 Will post more photos and news from ISR Rumbai so you can get a sense of this high-powered seat of learning in one of the remotest corners of the earth. 

We left Sumatra under cloudy skies and traveled through Jakarta onto to Surabaya for a 3-day visit with the students of Surabaya International School. Leslie Baker, the vivacious librarian from SIS, scooped us up at the airport and ushered us into the Hotel Majapahit. As you can see from the photos, this is a place where we will revel in the architecture, history and food. More soon. 

ImageImageHotel Majapahit



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  1. Bolb Wells

    Steve / Heather: So glad you are depositing your natural talents on the world! You must be having almost as much fun as all the kids you meet! Keep us posted. Bob and Barbara Wells

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