Word graveyards and flat tires

ImageToday we wrestled, we massaged, we hoed, we tweaked, we nipped and tucked. We became word warriors and sentence defoggers and paragraph clarifiers. We took on the job of word undertakers hauling tied and used words to the Word Graveyard. 


R.I.P. “move” “go” “stuff” “nice” “epic” “awesome” and most of all, “went.”


We transformed pre-school into a wild zoo, as we howled like wolves, hooted like owls, screamed like monkeys, and hissed like snakes. The teachers loved it, but the kids gloried in it. 


Second and third graders pounced all over my writing assignment to load up their writing with details. And, as one student declared, when I asked what a detail is, “You zoom into the small parts.” 


Fourth grade through eighth grade accepted my mission: Mission Verb Hunt. They kicked those weak verbs to the side of the road. Go became scramble and went became trundle. 


Tomorrow at the Farewell Assembly, we’ll celebrate with a reading of some the student’s  writing efforts. It’s gonna be awesome…I mean, magnificent! Will share a few sample of our work in a future post.


I can’t finish up this post without a mention of our after-school bike ride. Brian, the technology teacher, and his son, Rex, and Heather and I donned helmets and cycled out of the Chevron campus, and into the outskirts where village meets jungle. We were an hour out, making good time, mud-splattered, and searching the terrain for elephant tracks. Along a wide stretch of jungle road, my front tire blew out. Brian, our go-to guide and bike magician, tried desperately to repair the flat, but we were riding borrowed bikes and fixing wasn’t an option. We hobbled back to school, grabbing a lift from locals. After a shower and late dinner, we feel happy, tired and grateful for a comfortable place to lay down our tired bodies. Image


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