“Waves growling on the beach”

Day 2 at Stamford American Int. School and we continued the work of adding details to our writing, and look what 4th grader Aidan B. came up with when we did a quick write about sea turtle hatchlings on the beach: 


“The crystal-clear waves of the beach crashed and growled on the

shoreline. There was a faint aroma of salt in the air as our feet

pounded the powdered-sugar sand. The sparkling bright yellow ball

suspended up above our heads burned down on us, as if in a temper. As

we dashed across the scorching sand, something grabbed my attention.

Stopping dead in my tracks, I focused my tired eyes in on the

silhouetted shape on the hill.”


I love it when young authors whack you upside the head with such imaginative writing as “waves growling on the shoreline.” Good stuff. Image

Photo by Guillaume Feuillet


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