Writing with cool details at SAIS

Writing with cool details at SAIS

Day 1 at Stamford American International School was a great day. I began, double-shot cappuccino in hand (yes, I drink a lot of coffee…still a wee bit jet lagged) with a general assembly presenting to all 3rd, 4th and 5th grades…all some 400 students. Do you know what it’s like to have 400 students sing along with you on your song, “One in a Thousand?” It’s loud and pretty cool.

I then dove into writing workshops, 5 in all, back to back. We focused on writing with vivid details. With a 20 minute lesson on enriching our language by using strong verbs, cool details and hooking the reader, the students tried their hand at turning a boring group of sentences into an exciting and interesting paragraph. I gave them this: I was on the beach. I saw a lot of baby turtles go down to the ocean. It was fun. And boy, did they do some great revisions. They added cool details (“cloud-splattered skies” “palm fronds that touched the sky”) and strong verbs (“stippled” “tip-toed” “nudged”). We celebrated our revisions with thumbs up and rounds of applause. Way to go SAIS kids!


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January 13, 2014 · 12:15 pm

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  1. Steve, when you return, please plan a visit to Bellows Falls. I’d love to hear about your trip!

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